The Most Advanced EMCCD Cameras ever Built!

PixCellent  Imaging Ltd have created the CCD6200 photon counting CCD camera to offer advanced users the fastest, most capable and most flexible camera systems ever. The principal characteristics are:

The CCD6200 camera systems were originally developed for demanding applications in astronomy. They have been used to take the highest resolution images ever taken on any telescope in the visible or the infrared and routinely provide Hubble Space Telescope resolution images from telescopes on the ground. They use electron multiplying CCDs (EMCCDs) manufactured by E2V Technologies (Chelmsford, UK) to give the highest possible performance.

The PixCellent Imaging Ltd ultrahigh performance liquid nitrogen cooled CCD6200 camera head.


The information on this site covers a wide range of subjects. It includes:

A general description (Click Here) of the overall structure of the PixCellent Imaging Limited CCD 6200 imaging systems including overall performance specifications.

A technical summary (Click Here) of the properties of the electron multiplying CCDs used by PixCellent Imaging Limited, including access to copies of the E2V Technologies Ltd datasheets for the CCD97 and the CCD201.

Technical description (Click Here) of the high performance liquid nitrogen cooled vacuum dewars used by PixCellent Imaging Limited.

Description (Click Here) of the two software packages needed to drive these cameras, LuckyConsole that allows all the camera parameters to be set up and adjusted and PixCel which is used for data capture, data display and archiving.

Access (Click Here) to a copy of the current system software and hardware manual as provided with a complete electron multiplying camera system.  Includes safety information, detailed description of both software packages and information on installation, computer specification requirements and advice on the reduction of data taken with the camera system.  Please note that this manual is regularly updated with additional information arising from user experiences.

PixCellent are working with XCAM Ltd to develop a range of cameras and applications around these remarkable detectors. 


The XCAM web site can be found here:  www.xcam.co.uk

Visitors who wish to access information about the PixCellent  legacy systems should click here where they will find information on the older Capella 4100 14-bit and 12-bit high-speed controllers and the Antares 4200 16-bit precision CCD controllers together with associated camera heads, the CCD selection guides and software support information.

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