Kodak KAF 16800 Full Frame CCD Sensor: Data Sheet

Pixels (HxV) 4096x4096
Pixel Size 9x9 microns
Sensitive Area 36.9x36.9 mm
Full Well Capacity(Image) 85,000 electrons
Full Well Capacity(O/P reg) electrons
Full Well Capacity(O/P node) electrons
Min read noise(Capella) elec. Rms
Max response non-uniformity .+/-5 %rms
Dark Signal (TE/A head) 0.05 elec/px/sec
Defect Specification: Grade 1 (central area bracketed)
Pixels max: 60
Clusters max: 8
Columns max: 4
Defect Specification: Grade 2 (central area bracketed)
Pixels max: 120
Clusters max: 48
Columns max: 24

Plot of Quantum Efficiency for Kodak Full Frame CCDs:

Standard CCD:



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