CCD 6200 Camera System: System Software Outline

There are 2 separate software packages that are necessary in order to run the PixCellent Imaging Limited CCD 6200 camera systems. The first is the LuckyConsole package which provides (optionally) complete control of all the camera buyers voltages, all the clock levels including the high-voltage (multiplication) clock amplitude and all the clock timings. This programme fully initialises the camera and sets it operating according to parameters set in an initialisation file which is loaded each time the camera is run. The second package is called LuckyPixCel. This provides a user interface to the data capture side of operating the camera. Once it has been initialised it continually generates data frames at high speed. The camera generates data which is checked by the data grabbing hardware/software and saved in real-time on to disks in the host computer. This package allows data to be displayed on the screen in a variety of formats and allows a good range of interactive real-time image processing.

A more detailed description is to be had in the system manual, a copy of which is available if you Click Here.

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