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PixCellent provides a wide range of support services as an integral part of its product range. As a customer you are encouraged to make use of these services while preparing for taking delivery of your system, during the commissioning phase on site and afterwards as you gain experience and confidence in your own ability to carry out first class work with your PixCellent system. Support is also available on a continuing basis well after our warranty period (normally one year). Some of the areas where we provide support are described in more detail below:

Help with choosing your system

You may not be at all familiar with the use of the imaging systems required for by your application. PixCellent has a great deal of experience of many applications in the life sciences, the physical sciences and in materials science. Our expertise is available through our sales and distributor network to help you make the most cost-effective choice of the complete system for your needs. It often helps us to have a brief written summary of your application and what you hope to achieve with it (in complete confidence) so that our experts can advise on the best configuration for you to use. PixCellent's imaging systems are modular and easily upgraded should you wish to enhance your system at a later date but it is a good investment to think now about the directions that your work might develop into the future as this might have some influence on your choice.

Interface support

Few of our imaging systems are used completely on their own. Most are used with some other equipment that generates the image to be recorded by the PixCellent imaging system. These might include, spectrographs, X-ray detectors such as phosphor screens as well as custom imaging hardware which we can manufacture to your specification. We can advise on the selection of lenses, filters, polarisers and other components and indeed can supply them if required.
You will need a computer system to drive the PixCellent imaging system. We can help you to choose one that matches your requirements for speed and processing power, together with networking hardware and software, data archiving sub-systems and other support software packages you might need for your specialist application.

Hotline support

PixCellent has a Hotline Customer Support telephone service. We endeavour to deal with all enquires with a one working day turnaround, although some of the more complex requests require some time to answer satisfactorily. In this way we can support you directly during installation and commissioning as well as afterwards. The Hotline telephone and fax numbers are supplied to you with your system.

The Hotline facility can answer most of your queries concerning all aspects of the operation and maintenance of your PixCellent imaging system and its associated computer. We are also happy to help if you have a query in a related area or if you would like to discuss what you will need in order for you to use your system for a different application. As a valued customer we want you to know that you will have the continued, long-term support of our team as far as we are able to do so.

Software support

The software packages that PixCellent supplies with its imaging systems are upgraded regularly. If you purchase such a package then you are automatically sent the upgraded version of that package free of charge for the period of your warranty (normally one year). You may extend this automatic upgrade facility indefinitely for a fixed fee which can also extend the hardware warranty period if required.


PixCellent imaging systems are extremely reliable. In the unlikely event that you have a hardware problem, we will help you to diagnose it quickly. Should you need a repair then we will deal with it as quickly as possible. Our world-wide team of distributors are fully experienced with our systems and will also give you all the assistance you need.


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