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PixCellent Imaging Limited. PixCellent is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of specialist precision imaging systems based on exceptional range of cooled CCD camera components integrated with additional hardware and software to provide a complete solution for your application. PixCellent integrate hardware and software from a number of suppliers and combine this with customised development where appropriate using our team of technical consultants.

The information on this site covers a wide range of subjects. It includes:

Precision Scientific Imaging: An Overview

Specialist Systems Review: Examples in Astronomy
Support for Customers
FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions
PixCellent Ltd.: A Company Profile
Guide to the Role of CCDs in Imaging

Imaging System Selection Guide

CCD Controllers

Capella 4100 14-Bit and 12-Bit High-speed Controller
Antares 4200 16-bit Precision CCD Controller

CCD Camera Heads Selection Guide

Compact Thermoelectric Cooled CCD Head
Thermoelectric Cooled CCD Head for Larger Area CCDs
High Performance Liquid Nitrogen CCD Dewar
Standard Liquid Nitrogen CCD Dewar

CCD Chip selection Guide

CCDs from Marconi Applied Technologies (EEV) Ltd, UK
CCDs from Kodak Limited, US
CCDs from SITe, US
CCDs from Sony, Japan

System Software Packages Selection Guide

UltraPlus from PerkinElmer Life Sciencs UK
PixCel from PixCellent Imaging Ltd, UK
Image Pro Plus from Media Cybernetics, US
Software Developer's Kit (SDK) from PerkinElmer,UK
Support for Antares 4200 Systems under Linux

Application Notes

   Applications in Optical Microscopy
 Applications in Astronomical Acquisition and Guiding
 Applications in Hot Electron Imaging


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