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PixCel is an integrated software package that allows full control of PixCellent cameras, the capture of complex image sequences, display and storage of images and provides a broad range of interactive functions. PixCel includes a complete graphical user interface, based on Microsoft Windows 95/98™. It is designed specifically for controlling the capture of images using PixCellent's cooled and uncooled digital cameras. The interface uses all the graphical facilities provided by Microsoft Windows 95 such as pull-down menus and icons making PixCel easy and intuitive to use. PixCel is also explicitly designed to interface PixCellent systems to other proprietary analytical software products

Camera control facilities

PixCel supports PixCellent cooled and uncooled CCD cameras systems currently available, providing complete control and set-up of the camera. Precise camera control functions vary according to camera type, but typically include:

Focusing mode - the user is able to select:

Sequence readout mode - the user can choose:

Calibration image acquisition - allows the acquisition of reference for the calibration of image sequences.

To load a full image here (129Kbytes), click here.

Image display, interrogation and manipulation

Once an image or sequence of images has been taken, PixCel allows the user to step or skip through the sequence to allow different images to be examined. The functions provided in the PixCel system are described below:

Image View Screen

Plot View Screen

Histogram View Screen

Pixel View Screen

Interfaces to PixCel

PixCel offers an intuitive graphical user interface which allows both full camera operation and a simple interface to complementary analytical software from companies such as Media Cybernetics, Optimas, Synoptics and Noesis.

Data storage and Export formats

PixCel has the ability to be interfaced to many other packages by exporting images and data in the following internationally recognised formats:

PixCel is directly compatible and fully integrated with the following software packages:


A comprehensive manual including tutorial is provided with PixCel™.



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